A New Impactful Way of Work in Four Simple Steps

Organizations should develop measurement capability in-house and design a culture of continuous, evidence-based improvements to gain an advantage and increase their positive impact. Leaders must give this process time to set up and mature. We propose four simple steps to build this into their way of work.

First, Understand What Impact Measurement and Management Means in Your Context

See the big picture before identifying how to best leverage it

High-impact organizations are increasingly using Impact Measurement and Management toolkits. However, organizations, leaders, and their teams are at different stages of maturity and capability to apply these techniques.
We recommend clients begin by understanding the measurement context at the macro level – a function, a unit, a portfolio of programs; and at the micro level – programs, projects, and initiatives.
Please contact us about solutions to define impact measurement in your context.
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Second, Involve Others In a New Way of Work for Greater Impact

Impact Measurement creates alignment 

Once leaders have defined a purpose, scope, and mechanisms of impact measurements in their organization, they must engage relevant stakeholders in this conversation. This leads to successfully aligning outcomes to work toward and agreeing on success metrics to measure.
Impact measurement is a team sport, bringing leaders and stakeholders together to deliver results for your organization. We offer multiple solutions for clients in this stage of measurement maturity. Please contact us to know more.

Third, Run Small Measurement Projects to Improve Outcomes

Deliver small wins, build capability and confidence along the way

We believe your leaders and teams should start applying impact measurement toolkits in small measurement projects.
Measurement and Management capability in-house will reduce dependence on consultants. The best way is to tackle projects, deliver small wins, and build your organization’s knowledge and confidence as you do great work.
We offer a range of options and solutions that help your teams take on small projects and deliver measurable impact. Please contact us to know more.
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Fourth, Measure Programs and Portfolios Routinely for Continued Outperformance

Make Impact Measurement and Management a part of your organizations DNA

With small wins on your side and experienced leaders ready to take on greater challenges, you will be in a great position to leverage the vast field of impact measurement and management to create remarkable impact.
We offer several solutions to measure and manage the outcomes of a program or a portfolios of programs. Please contact us to know more.
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