The Benefits of Learning as a Community: Contribute, Grow, Network, and Improve the Results of Your Work

Hoarding knowledge is utterly unproductive in the new way of doing things. Until very recently, it was believed that knowledge is power. Those who ‘knew’ more concepts or facts, obtained prestigious jobs, higher pay, and better opportunities.

Simply knowing means little today. What matters is what we do with our knowledge. By sharing knowledge and learning from each other, we do high quality work, become credible in our field, and develop a trusting, reliable network of like-minded professionals.


A Community of Practice for Outcome Oriented Program Design and Implementation

At Aartha, we see clients from different organizations struggle with the same questions, unaware of each other’s pain or insights. A community which is willing to contribute towards collective learning will benefit from each other’s experience instead of reinventing the wheel each time.

Practitioners of outcome focused programs develop confidence with steady practice, and supportive peers. By participating in targeted sessions with others who are also practicing these new skills and the ROI Methodology, all community members will benefit in a safe space.

We invite our clients and members of the HR professional community to join our Community of Practice, which has these three features,

  • The Domain: A committed interest in designing and implementing projects and programs with trackable, measurable results.
  • The Community: To participate, the community members will actively contribute to the discussions by raising questions, identifying solutions, and sharing experiences and knowledge with others.
  • The Practice: Over time, Aartha will work with the community to put together guidelines, tips, and ideas for disciplined implementation of outcome-focused projects.


What’s Next?

We are offering a series of events related to the Community of Practice. If these principles are appealing to you, please contact us and let us know of your interest.

All Aartha clients are invited to participate in this community. All attendees of IHRP-ROI Workshops are invited to join this community.

Please contact Anindita Sharma or Karin Karlsson to show your interest.


August 2022: Launch of Community of Practice

  • Date TBA
  • Free
  • Participatory event by invite only
  • Interested professionals: please email to setup a discussion with Anindita Sharma on how you could participate.


October 2022: Deep dive Discussion on Skill Building: Success, measures, considerations, and realities.

  • Free
  • Participatory event by invite only
  • Please email Anindita Sharma for more information


December 2022: Deep dive Discussion on DEI: Success, measures, considerations, and realities.

  • Free
  • Participatory event by invite only
  • Please email Anindita Sharma for more information


Additional information

If you are new to measuring the impact of HR programs, please consider enrolling in the IHRP-endorsed ROI Skill Building Program in July 2022 (register here). The ROI Methodology framework is an exceptional launch pad for implementing a program that is tracked, course-corrected, and delivers measurable impact to the organization.

Most HR organizations we work with are struggling to answer common questions, participate in our community to help each other work through these:

  • How will we show the value of the work we do?
  • Which business metrics are shifting because of our programs?
  • Which HR metrics should we focus on to support the business’ underlying needs?
  • What is driving attrition in our organization?
  • How should we judge the quality of our new hiring program?
  • How well are we developing our people’s skills and readiness?
  • Are our learning and development programs driving business results?


Bring your questions and insights to the discussions! Please, reach out to us if you are interested in joining the community.

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