Aartha Joins ROI Institute as Its Partner in Asia-Pacific Countries

Singapore and Birmingham, Alabama, USA – January 24, 2020. Aartha, a global program design and impact measurement company, enters a partnership agreement with ROI Institute, a global leader in project and program evaluation. The collaboration means Aartha will bring ROI Institute’s products and services to organizations in selected countries in Asia-Pacific. ROI Institute’s well-known ROI Methodology is today’s world-leading evaluation process and will complement Aartha’s existing offering, available through consulting services and workshops.

“We are honored to join ROI Institute and offer in Asia-Pacific their proven evaluation process, the ROI Methodology,” explains Anindita Sharma, Managing Partner at Aartha. “Jack and Patti Philips are visionary leaders in the field of measurements and evaluations and we look forward to work alongside them and bring this robust, field-tested evaluation method to clients in our region.”

As a partner, Aartha will offer ROI Institute’s programs, including the acclaimed Certified ROI ROI Certification® Program, which leads to the coveted CRP designation. Aartha will also provide the increasing demand for evaluation consulting services for its clients using the ROI Methodology.

“We are excited about partnering with Aartha, which enables us to expand our global footprint and reach new markets,” Patti P. Philips, Ph.D., CEO of ROI Institute, says. “We are really looking forward to this collaboration and making the ROI Methodology more accessible in Asia-Pacific.”

Further, Anindita explains, “By adding ROI Institute’s capabilities to our design and consulting offering, we can cater to outcome-driven clients who are hyper-focused on seeing tangible results. The ROI Methodology surpasses other evaluation methods in both rigor and real-world application. It provides information on five different levels of outcomes, including the return on investment of a program. No other process can offer such depth and richness of information as reliably.”

About Aartha

Aartha is a global program design and impact measurement company. We improve our clients’ program outcomes and the value they generate by designing measurable programs, tracking and evaluating them with best-in-class frameworks. This approach surfaces uncommon insights and leads to reliable results. Aartha is the regional partner of ROI Institute, Inc. Learn more at aartha.sg.

About ROI Institute

ROI Institute, Inc. helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs. The primary process, the ROI Methodology, is the most used and implemented evaluation system globally. We provide workshops, consulting, coaching, briefings and presentations, research, and benchmarking. Learn more at roiinstitute.net

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