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At Our Core

Working with many clients across industries and cultures to implement change programs, we experienced a process full of challenges. Sometimes priorities were not clear, and program teams struggled to do everything with equal importance. Some clients strived to get more resources as they took on extra work on their already full plates. Others were well resourced but failed to get due attention from executives. Some tackled complex issues but were unsure if they were on the right track to meet their objectives.

On a closer look, we realized that the more troubled projects were missing a critical piece – a North Star. Something that would guide the team on the specific business results to target, help them know if they were on track, and show what results were generated. They lacked something to rally the organization behind as a common, observable, and worthy cause.

This missing North Star grew to become central for Aartha and how we work with clients. It is at the core of our business offerings and how we guide clients to leverage the right objectives and find reliable data to answer the relevant questions when they lead and implement change initiatives.

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More Than Just Uncovering Data

In addition to finding the relevant data you need to know your business impact, partnering with us will save you time, enable you to prioritize better, strengthen your alignment with your colleagues, and improve outcomes for your program and yourself.

Our Beliefs

Outcomes Are the North Star

Like you, we feel the pain of limited time and resources, and we know you cannot afford to waste them on fruitless efforts. As a result, we are single-minded about creating value. We anchor our work to the outcomes desired and help you achieve that success, from program design to implementation.

Design Leads Results

We are a group of professionals who believe that great design is the basis for great results. Our shared values and commitment to results influence the work we do.

Generosity = Partnership

Whether a colleague, partner, or client, our motto is to give generously for you to have the impact you aim for. As generosity is central to our work, we aim to return at least 20 times value for the time and resources you invest with us. Once we have agreed on the scope and terms, we do not charge you for additional time, ever.

Quality Matters

Quality shows, and quality mattes. We use the highest quality frameworks to set our design apart. We use the highest ethical standards to deliver a stress-free partnership experience. We work on sensitive issues for you and offer complete discretion without ever compromising the transparency or integrity of our process.

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We have physical presence in Singapore and Sweden and serve clients across the globe.

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Anindita Sharma

Partner, Aartha

I focus on designing, implementing, and measuring client programs that need behavior change to deliver business results. There are surprisingly common features in these projects across industries and organizations! I teach, consult, and develop client and stakeholder relationships for Aartha.

On another note,

I like the outdoors and being in nature, hiking and walking. I chase creative pursuits like art, ikebana, food, and wine appreciation. I read voraciously and live to travel the world. Above all, I value developing genuine relationships with people. I volunteer when possible, and now I am volunteering with Columbia University’s Venture Capital Club’s Impact Program.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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Karin Karlsson

Partner Marketing, Aartha

I support clients to uncover the impact of their programs and develop stakeholder relationships and Aartha’s brand. My area of expertise is marketing and branding. Living up to a continuously co-developed and holistic brand promise is critical for gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage.

On another note,

I am a soccer fan. Team sports give us so much in return as individuals and professionals. As a European and having spent eight years in Singapore and the USA each, I am also a fan of good food and cultures. While it is often easier to focus on the differences, we have surprisingly many common values across countries and cultures. Spending time in nature fuels my energy and creativity, and I love developing people and businesses, whether it is lifting someone’s strengths or giving marketing advice.

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Charles N Lent

Charles N. Lent

Organizational Consultant, Leadership and Learning, Human Resources

I have over 20 years of professional experience working with organizations across Asia, Europe, and North America. The first decade of my career, I spent in Human Resources and Communications at a Fortune 100 European software company in Japan. After entering consulting in 2008, I have worked with firms to improve key business performance outcomes. During recent years, I have focused on helping organizations design and deliver mission-critical learning programs, and link education to strategic targets.

As a consultant, I work with diverse clients across industries, from engineering, high-tech, manufacturing and testing, to consumer goods, finance, medical and education.

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Ashish Sharma

Advisor – Transformation Projects, Aartha

I have over 20 years of experience in Financial Services and management consulting across several functions including Sales, Strategy and Transformation. This broad experience allows allows me to combine financial services understanding and people management with the structure and problem-solving required in complex transformation projects. I have worked in several countries across the US and Asia including Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

My prior experience includes strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company as well as technology related roles at Goldman Sachs and Bankers Trust. More recently, I was the Head of Commercial Banking in Thailand for Standard Chartered Bank and the Head of Transformation at Techcombank (Vietnam).

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Ashish Sharma
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ROI Institute Asia-Pacific

Aartha is the Asia Pacific regional partner for the ROI Institute Inc. The ROI Methodology is one of the most used evaluation methods in the world. We use the ROI Methodology as a measurement and evaluation framework in our client work. We are also licensed to teach the ROI Methodology.

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Supported by a Network of Domain Experts

We collaborate with our network of domain specialists in areas such as leadership, transformation, marketing, innovation, digitization, and more.