Build Your Impact Thesis and Articulate Your Theory of Change

For impact-focused projects, startups, and ecosystems

Entrepreneurs or projects solving environmental and social problems with impact goals work in ecosystems with private and public sector actors, who are buyers, funders, capacity builders, consultants, etc. 

These projects face daunting challenges. The main uncertainties in these ecosystems come from the immaturity of the market, availability of funding, or readiness of the project or startup for investment.

We prepare these ecosystems to anticipate and plan for the challenges by developing their impact theses. This powerful exercise results in, 

– articulated problem statements and why this is a problem worth solving 

– mapping the process in which their proposed solutions deliver results

– identifying the critical metrics of success, even for complex challenges

– agreeing on interim metrics to determine if they are on track 

– listing main risks and assumptions they need to address to be successful 


[Note: This approach can be applied to projects with business focus as well, In those cases the process is used to design a better solution and add tracking elements for decision making support].

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