A Reliable Partnership for Outcome-based Project Design, Measurement, and Value

New Offering: Implement With Coaching

Professionals new to designing and implementing programs with measurements frequently need additional support and guidance. In response to this, we have created an implementation coaching offering: Your teams will be coached to implement with measurability and have the option of learning the ROI Methodology during the implementation process.

The outcomes of this powerful engagement will be,

  • Your selected project will be setup to be tracked and improved,
  • A corresponding set of use cases will be developed for others in your organization to learn from,
  • Additionally, your organization will have built a highly valuable capability that they can apply to other projects and programs.
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Increase the Success and Value of Your Program

Designing for measurement, tracking, and evaluating your program ensure you gain its maximum value. As your partner, we collaborate within your existing infrastructure to increase your project’s odds of success and its value. We recommend metrics to target, design selected project elements, develop measurement plans, measure implementation progress, evaluate outcomes produced, and make evidence-based recommendations for your decision-making.

By partnering with us, you will have comfort knowing that your efforts are supported by neutral, competent professionals who provide fact-based guidance using proven frameworks.

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How We Work With You

Your Results Are Central

You have peace of mind knowing that your important programs obtain best-in-class design and measurement methodologies.

Your Confidentiality Is Important

Your sensitive subjects are maintained with discretion and without any compromise in trust, transparency, or integrity of process.

Your Trust Is Key

As your neutral third party, we make objective recommendations to improve program success. We do not undertake projects where individual performance is being evaluated.

Your Investment Is Fixed

You will know at the outset how much your design, measurement and evaluation investment will be without charges for additional time.

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Five Frustrations in Change Programs

1. You Want to Know the Business Results and Impact, but the Information Is Not Available

Your programs are essential to the organization’s operational and strategic goals. You want to know how well they deliver bottom-line results. However, your current infrastructure does not capture this information. Your team is highly competent in their field but not as familiar with measurement and evaluation methods.

Impact measurement is a specialized skill and might not be available in-house. As your partner, we ensure your programs are designed, implemented, and evaluated properly. If you desire the skillset in-house, we can teach your team the world’s most used evaluation methodology.

2. Progress Meetings Focus On Process, Not on Outcomes

Progress meetings cover copious information, including planned activities and to-do lists. Little time is allocated to discuss or measure the effects of the changes as they are introduced in the organization.

By establishing a simple measurement plan upfront, you can glean valuable information on how the implementation is being accepted in the organization.

3. You Get an Ocean of Data and Still Cannot Tell if You Are on the Right Track

You want an early indication of progress, but insights arrive late, when some things do not go well. You want to anticipate challenges ahead of time, but you do not know where to start.

Results-based program implementation plans for early indicators and other tracking metrics to guide you in the right direction.

4. Stakeholders Do Not Have Skin in the Game, but the Program Is at Risk Without Their Attention

Stakeholder ongoing input is critical to your program, but their time is difficult to obtain.

Secure stakeholder attention by focusing on the business outcomes relevant to them. We help you shift the conversation from money spent to money saved, outcomes generated, and returns delivered.

5. In the End, You Still Make Up Your Own Opinion About the Project’s Effectiveness

Instead of arguing over opinions, use your business metrics to track project performance, improve implementation, and see indicators shift.

With a measurement plan, you get useful evidence, reduce guesswork, and remove bias from important decisions such as rewarding people or funding programs.



What Others Say About Leveraging the ROI Methodology

“There is no more important measure than business impact, yet many business professionals I encounter struggle with how to align their projects to business objectives. Jack and Patti Phillips not only use their years of experience in measuring impact, but also their vast network of contacts to arrive at 10 easy steps anyone can follow.”

Kevin Oakes, CEO at Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)