Launch of the Community of Practice for Outcome-Focused Program Design and Implementation

Aug 8, 2022

Event Details:

  • Free event
  • By invite only
  • Interested professionals: Please email Anindita Sharma to setup a discussion on how you could participate.


What is Aartha’s Community of Practice?

The Aartha Community of Practice has three features:

  • The Domain: A committed interest in designing and implementing HR projects and programs with trackable, measurable results.
  • The Community: To participate, the community members will actively contribute to the discussions by raising questions and sharing experiences and knowledge.
  • The Practice: Over time, Aartha will work with the community to put together guidelines, tips, and ideas for disciplined implementation of outcome-focused projects.


At the Aartha Community of Practice events, we discuss and solve problems around questions such as:

  • How will we show the value of the work we do?
  • Which HR metrics will best reflect the initiative’s success we are working on?
  • What is driving attrition in our organization?
  • How should we judge the quality of our new hiring program?
  • How successfully are we developing our people’s skills?
  • How will we know if our learning and development programs drive results?
  • How much of an impact are strategic HR programs making on the organization?
  • Which business metrics are shifting because of our work?


Learn more about our Community of Practice in our blog The Aartha Community: Knowledge-Sharing to Improve Results of HR Program Implementation.

We would love to have you join the community and participate in our events! If this sounds relevant and interesting to you, please reach out to us to join the event and the community. All Aartha clients are invited to participate in this community.

Join our next Skill-Building Program in July – more information and registration details here.


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