Impact, Sustainability, and SDGs: What is the role of an HR Leader?

Apr 29, 2024 9:00 am - Apr 29, 2024 5:00 pm Singapore


Business and impact have been at odds until now as global sustainability issues seem insurmountable without all sectors working together to resolve them. These include public, private sector, social, and civil society organizations collaborating to tackle environmental and social challenges. Many methods, standards, taxonomies, and reporting frameworks aim to address these topics, inadvertently confusing us. 

Is there a simple way forward?

The SDG Impact Standards, developed by UNDP SDG Impact, are a universal framework and management approach to sustainability for businesses and investors. It is the ideal first step for organizational leadership as they incorporate sustainability and impact into their management DNA.

  • An overarching internal decision-making framework to help organizations maximize their net positive impact.
  • Connect existing frameworks and tools.
  • Are voluntary standards for enterprises (public, private, or social, of all sizes) and funds.
  • Give organizations the confidence to embed sustainability into everyday business decision-making.

In this 1-day SDG Impact Standards session for HR professionals, we will use SDG Impact Standards interactive and rich content to investigate two main questions,

  1. What are the SDG Impact Standards: Why were they developed? Why are they different from all other sustainability standards and frameworks? What exactly do they say? What do they mean for an organization?
  2. What role can HR leaders play in the sustainability transition of our organizations? What can you do immediately in your organization? 

Investment per person: SGD 500. No GST.

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