Impact Measurement Solutions in Your Context

A Shift Toward Evidence

Whether it is regulation, external stakeholders asking for real change, or internal demand for tractability, leaders must adjust to this new need. For organizations starting, we recommend a step-by-step process to build this capability and apply it routinely for outperformance.

Your Context Influences the Success of Your Impact Strategy

Leaders must be able to bring together stakeholders and work within many constraints to make impact monitoring and outcome-based implementation real.

In their book Leading Digital, George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, and Andrew McAfee have said that digital mastery is two-dimensional. The first dimension is digital capabilities, and the second is leadership capabilities. Likewise, as organizations think of implementing programs and investments with evidence and tractability, they should be sensitive to their context. Considerations include experience with measurement and use of evidence, the nature of internal collaborations, and stakeholder expectations.

Our consulting, coaching, and capability-building solutions are designed to support you according to your measurement experience, resources, and goals.

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What Others Say About Leveraging the ROI Methodology

“There is no more important measure than business impact, yet many business professionals I encounter struggle with how to align their projects to business objectives. Jack and Patti Phillips not only use their years of experience in measuring impact, but also their vast network of contacts to arrive at 10 easy steps anyone can follow.”

Kevin Oakes, CEO at Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)