ROI Institute Asia-Pacific and IHRP To Offer Workshops for Measuring the Value of Programs

Singapore – November 2, 2021. ROI Institute Asia-Pacific, a global program design and impact measurement company, and Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP), an organization established to professionalize and strengthen HR practice in Singapore, has entered a collaboration agreement to offer workshops for measuring programs to the HR community in Singapore. Under this agreement, two ROI Methodology work-study programs will be offered multiple times a year.

“We are honored and excited to partner with such a respected institution as IHRP,” Anindita Sharma, Partner at Aartha and Regional Director of ROI Institute, says. “Our common experiences in serving the HR community in Singapore with relevant tools to be future-ready makes our interests very aligned. The ROI Methodology is the most applied evaluation method in the world. With this powerful toolkit and capability available to HR professionals, we will help HR leaders and teams to know and show their business impact clearly,” Anindita continues.

The collaboration aims to support IHRP in its mission further to professionalize and strengthen HR practice in Singapore.

“At IHRP, we believe in the increasing importance of demonstrating the ROI for HR interventions and programs,” Mayank Parekh, CEO at IHRP, explains. “We believe that ROI Institute’s proven approach to impact measurement and evaluations imparts critical business partnering skills to HR professionals,” Mayank says.

The five-day evaluation program leads to the coveted Certified ROI Professional designation following a work-study submission. The program builds comprehensive skills needed to measure all types of programs using the ROI Methodology.

The two-day program offers a condensed version covering the 12 steps of the ROI Methodology. Participants will practice setting the right objectives, identifying the drivers for ROI, and isolating the effects of a program.

“Partnering with IHRP through Aartha, our regional partner in Asia-Pacific, is a big step in our goal of making the ROI Methodology more accessible worldwide,” says Jack J. Philips, Ph.D., Chairman of ROI Institute. “We have built the methodology over almost 40 years with 6,000 organizations, and we look forward to working closer with leaders and teams in Singapore to show the impact of their work.”


About IHRP

The Institute for Human Resources Professionals (IHRP) was established to professionalise and strengthen HR practice in Singapore. IHRP sets the benchmark standards of excellence for HR and human capital development in organisations. Through national human capital programmes such as the IHRP Certification, Human Capital Diagnostics Tool and IHRP Knowledge Partner Programme, IHRP aims to develop HR as a strategic enabler of business and workforce transformation and foster a vibrant HR services eco-system to drive innovation and change. Learn more at

About ROI Institute

ROI Institute, Inc. helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs. The primary process, the ROI Methodology, is the most used and implemented evaluation system globally. We provide workshops, consulting, coaching, briefings and presentations, research, and benchmarking. Learn more at

About Aartha

Aartha is a global program design and impact measurement company. We improve our clients’ program outcomes and the value they generate by designing measurable programs, tracking and evaluating them with best-in-class frameworks. This approach surfaces uncommon insights and leads to reliable results. Aartha is the regional partner of ROI Institute, Inc. Learn more at

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