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The ROI Institute, Inc. USA, was founded by in 1992. Their significant contribution to the field of evaluation and measurement is the highly regarded ROI Methodology. With over 6,000 organizations applying this process, the ROI Methodology is the most used and implemented evaluation system globally.

Dr Jack Phillips first developed the method in 1973. Through 40 years of practical applications with clients worldwide, Dr Jack Philips and Dr Patti Phillips and their global network of partners have made the ROI Methodology today’s world-leading evaluation process.

Aartha is the Asia-Pacific Regional Partner of ROI Institute USA. Under the brand “ROI Institute Asia-Pacific,” Aartha supports the mission of the ROI Institute, Inc. in Asia-Pacific. Please visit for more information on the ROI Methodology and our work in Asia-Pacific.

Why Does the ROI Methodology Stand Out as a Method of Evaluation?

The ROI Methodology is a system for program evaluation. It uses a five-level framework process model and operating standards to capture performance metrics of various initiatives and programs.

The ROI Methodology generates up to six data types, from simple reaction data on a program to its Return on Investment (ROI). Each of these data types (called Levels in the ROI Methodology) has a clear decision-making purpose.

The ROI Methodology generates qualitative and quantitative data giving a comprehensive picture of the project to decision-makers. The information generated is used to make decisions like design, direction, and resourcing of programs.

The methodology is notable because it generates rich data from multiple perspectives of a program. Executives use the information to make a variety of decisions, not just funding decisions.

The ROI Methodology is distinctive as it provides techniques to isolate the effects of a program from other influences, a powerful feature of the methodology. Executives choose it, time and again, as they need to understand the contributions of major programs to business and strategic metrics.

The ROI Methodology is grounded in conservative standards. Tested and proven in the field over 40 years, the methodology has resulted in credible metrics and ROI reports accepted by financial executives and stakeholders.

Who Uses the ROI Methodology?

  • More than 6,000 organizations from the private, public, social, and developmental sectors have implemented the ROI Methodology.
  • Over 14,000 professionals have attended ROI Certification Workshops.
  • 30,000+ professionals have participated in two-day ROI workshops.
  • There are ROI networks in 70 countries.
  • Together, Dr Patti Philips and Dr Jack Philips have contributed to the publication of over 75 books, translated into 38 languages.

What Types of Programs are Measured Using the ROI Methodology?

Measurement and evaluation use is expanding with better data and analytics, driven by greater demand for evidence-based decision-making. Here is a partial list of applications.

  • Environment and Sustainability (ESG)
  • Creativity and Innovation initiatives
  • Change Management and Culture
  • Organization Development, Talent Management, and Retention
  • Recognition, Incentives, Engagement programs
  • Leadership development, Coaching, or Mentoring programs
  • Training, Learning and Development programs
  • Knowledge Management, or knowledge Transfer systems and programs
  • Work Arrangement Systems such as work from home
  • Policies, Procedures, and Process implementations
  • Technology, Systems, or IT implementations
  • Marketing and Advertisement programs
  • Communications and Public Relations programs
  • Meetings, Events, and Conferences
  • Compliance and Risk Management programs
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Quality, Six Sigma, Lean Engineering initiatives
  • Public Policy and Social Programs
  • Public Sector or Non-profits programs
  • Ethics and Integrity programs
  • Safety, Health and Fitness Programs
  • Healthcare Initiatives
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities

The ROI Methodology in 12 Easy Steps

The ROI Methodology® is a balanced approach to measurement that includes a step to isolate the effects of the project, program, or solution and generates six types of data:

  1. Reaction and Planned Action
  2. Learning
  3. Application and Implementation
  4. Impact
  5. Return on Investment
  6. Intangibles

The ROI Methodology® in 12 Easy Steps

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Published Books and Case Studies

ROI Institute, Inc. has published more than 75 books and several case studies on the methodology. The list below is published in the “Value for Money, ROI Case Studies, Volume I, Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Ph.D. and Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D.

  1. Measuring ROI in Sexual Harassment Prevention Healthcare
  2. Forecasting ROI in Machine Operator Training Canadian Valve Company
  3. Measuring ROI in Stress Management Midwest Electric, Inc.
  4. Measuring ROI in Safety Incentive Program National Steel
  5. Measuring ROI in eLearning Sales Program United Petroleum International
  6. Measuring ROI in Performance Management Training Cracker Box, Inc.
  7. Measuring ROI in Interactive Selling Skills Retail Merchandising Company
  8. Measuring ROI in Engagement Linked to Retention Improvement Southeast Corridor Bank
  1. Measuring ROI in master’s degree Program Federal Information Agency
  2. Measuring ROI in Absenteeism Reduction Program Metro Transit Authority
  3. Measuring ROI in Leadership Development Global Car Rental
  4. Measuring ROI in Effective Meeting Skills TechnoTel Corporation
  5. Measuring ROI in Business Coaching Nations Hotel
  6. Measuring ROI in Organization Culture Change Agua Manufacturing Company
  7. Measuring ROI in Leadership for Performance Fashion Stores Incorporated
  8. Measuring ROI in a Selection and Onboarding Program Global Bank Inc.
  9. Measuring ROI in a Mobile Learning Solution for Sales Transoft Inc.
  1. Measuring ROI in a New Selection Process International Premium Hotel Group
  2. Measuring ROI in Safety Leadership Global Engineering and Construction Company
  3. Measuring ROI in a Work at Home Program Family Mutual Health and Life Insurance
  4. Measuring ROI in a Blended Learning Solution for Engagement
  5. Measuring ROI in Sales Training Multinational Automotive Company
  6. Measuring ROI in Simulation-based Training at a Telecom Company Future Tel
  7. Measuring ROI in Selling Skills McArthur Sp. z.o.o.
  8. Measuring ROI in Employee Engagement with a Broad Focus Home Furnishings Stores, Inc.

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